Bad verses


World War Three – 13/5/16

Mr Cameron has warned the country
That a Brexit could cause world war three
But if that were so
I would quite like to know
Why he bothered to ask you and me?

An ode to Nigel Farage (and phonetic spelling)… – 3/5/16

There once was a man called Farage
Whose surname was rhymed with garage
He liked nothing from Brussels
Not their laws nor their mussels*
Not even their tiny cabbage
*citation needed.

Tuition fees – 28/1/16

They all said that charging a fee
Would deter the poor from uni
Such lack of tuition
Came not to fruition
And the stats, are in fact, contrary

Oscars (and data) – 23/1/16

The Oscars are in some disgrace
Nominations seem biased by race
But good data review
Makes it clear what to do
Boycotts need an evidence base

Miranda ruling – 20/1/16

His detention at Heathrow was awful
But the law is so vague that it’s lawful
But if you read on
You’ll see that Dyson
Says the law wasn’t awfully lawful

Border incursions – 26/11/15

This business with Russia & Turkey
Has gone from shocking to murky
No-ones disputin’
The badness of Putin
But Erdogan too can play dirty

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